Don’t Get Stuck paying bills that are not yours!

Identity thieves rob merchants and stick you with the bill.  Lenders routinely deny victim’s claims and attempt to collect the debt from them.  This can leave you feeling powerless and stuck paying a bill that is not yours.  If you don’t pay your bills, whether yours or not, your credit gets trashed.  With damaged credit, you can no longer get cars, housing or new credit.  It’s unfair to be forced to pay debts that are not yours.

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The good news is that you can choose to stop being a victim and fight back. Don’t be forced to pay a debt that does not belong to you. We can help you regain control of your credit and get the bogus charges removed from your credit report and/or your credit card account. Call us now and stop being a victim.

We get bogus items removed from your credit reports.

You can stop being a victim at no out of pocket charge.

People find out their identities have been stolen usually in two instances, when applying for credit or when a debt collector calls. It’s embarrassing, and humiliating. What’s worse is when try to explain that the debt is not yours and they do not believe you. That makes you powerless. If you do nothing about it, you will get:

  • Stuck paying charges that are not yours;
  • Damaged credit including:
    • Lower credit scores
    • Higher interest rates
    • Less access to credit when you need or want it
  • Collection calls at home, work and on your cellphone
  • Lawsuits against you to pay the debts.
You CAN stop being a victim of identity theft and regain control of your credit.

You CAN stop being a victim of identity theft and regain control of your credit.

Call us now!

I have been there. We know the path to clean up your credit.

My staff and I have cleaned up thousands of credit reports that have been damaged by identity theft. We typically get money damages of up to $1,000 or more, as well.

Since 2008, we have devoted our practice to helping people just like you, who have been victimized by identity theft. We have stopped lenders from making people pay debts that they do not owe and have cleaned up their credit reports.


Don’t take our word for it. Check out what our clients are saying about us on Google with the 5 star reviews they have given us.

Daryl Tucker
Verified Review
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Credit Repair Lawyers of America assisted me and my wife in repairing our credit, at no cost to us. They were recommended by my attorney when we were seeking advice on bankruptcy. On the onset of working with Credit Karma our credit scores ranged from 582-640. We are now in the range of 647-747. The services was at no cost to us. As a matter of fact we were paid $1250.00, when they won inaccuracies on our credit reports.
Jasmine Vega
Verified Review
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Had a great overall experience with Gary D. Nitzkin and Credit repair lawyers of America. From beginning to end they explained the process and kept an open communication with me. I am very satisfied with the outcome and would recommend them to anyone who needs assistance with credit repair legal servies. Thank you again!
Ryan Mott
Verified Review
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Working with Gary and his team was nothing short of amazing! they did everything was promised. One thing I would tell any prospective client in that this is a process and it can take a while. you have to trust their methods roll with it. Credit repair is not an overnight fix and can take a bit of time. Gary and his team communicated the whole way and got the job done! I highly recommend giving them a call!
Angela P.
Verified Review
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USAA was reporting an item on her credit report that was opened by an identity thief. It refused to remove the item after we explained that it did not belong to her. We sued USAA and it ultimately removed the bogus item.
Vicki Thomas
Verified Review
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I contacted Credit Lawyers of America as I was hit by Identity theft almost a year ago. With the persistence of Gary and his firm they have successfully made my credit whole and the problem of my reputation back to normal. I strongly recommend for any one with problems as I've had to contact them. One happy client here.
Katrina K.
Verified Review
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Our client’s identity was stolen by her father who obtained a mortgage in her name. We were able to get the mortgage removed from her credit report and taken out of her name.

These people were victims of identity theft until they called us. We helped them regain control of their credit. We can help you, too.

Top 3 reasons to hire us to get the bogus items removed from your credit report.

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Start working with us today. Its as easy as 1-2-3

Stop being a victim of identity theft NOW. Call or Schedule a call

At Id Theft Law Group, we know that you want to be in control of your credit. In order to do that you need to remove all debts that don’t belong, from your credit report. Don’t get stuck paying debts that you did not incur. We believe no one should be forced to pay debts that don’t belong to them. We understand that lenders and credit bureaus don’t care who pays the debts in your name, even if they are not yours. We do. We have cleaned up thousands of credit reports over the years from bogus charges that did not belong to our clients. We can clean yours up, too.

You can choose to stop being a victim by calling us now.

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You have nothing to lose as our services cost you nothing out of pocket.

Under the law, we make the bad guys pay our fees and costs. Our clients have never gone out of pocket to us….ever. Our services cost you nothing out of pocket.

Take control of your credit. Let us work with you to restore your credit and not be forced to pay debts that are not yours.

Call us today at (404) 591-6680.

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