Dispute credit card charges that are not yours

Paying a debt that is not yours is just wrong. We can help you at no out of pocket charge.


Credit card disputes are a hot topic these days.  With online shopping and identity theft increasing as much as they have, many consumers are discovering charges on their credit cards that do not belong to them.  When you discover a bogus charge on your credit card account, you have 2 choices; pay it (which is not fair) or dispute it, timely.  If you choose to ignore it, your credit score will tank!

How to dispute a credit card charge with your bank.

The process is pretty straight forward. Just note that very short and strict time limits you have to dispute a credit card charge. It’s a 4 step process. Here is how the Credit Card Dispute Process works:

Call your bank to make your dispute. Follow up in Writing.

Call your bank immediately and dispute the charge. However, to be protected under the law, you should also send an email or fax to document your dispute.


You are not obligated to pay the disputed debt while the bank is investigating.


The credit card company must investigate your dispute. They cannot simply take the merchant’s word. They must review documents that show your individual liability for the charge.


If the credit card company finds the merchant is in error, they must credit you for the charge and any related interest. If they find against you, they must explain why. You have a right to ask for documentation showing your liability.


You have a very short 1 year time period to sue the bank if they don’t honor your dispute. We can help you with that lawsuit at no out of pocket charge to you. We collect our fees and costs from the bank.


Call us for a free, no obligation consultation. We can handle your credit dispute for you at no out of pocket charge. You have nothing to lose by hiring us.

How to Dispute a Credit Card Charge with Chase ©

Chase would like you to try to resolve issues with the merchants first. This is not a bad idea except that many merchants will not deal with you fairly. They just want to get paid. You also only have 60 days from the date that a charge appears on your credit card statement to dispute it. If you miss that 60 day period, then you can only fight it out with the merchant which is a lot harder than fighting it out with Chase.


If you have a dispute to your Chase credit card account call (866) 564-2262 which is the phone number to Chase’s dispute line. Have your credit card and statement that contains the bogus charge in your hand when you call. You can also sign into your Chase account here, which is a far better idea that disputing over the phone. Here is the link to sign into your Chase account.

How to Dispute a credit card charge with American Express ©

You can log into your American Express account here.   You then choose your card and then you can start your dispute.  Again, be sure to have your credit card and credit card statement that contains the bogus charge in your hand or in front of you when you posit the dispute.  You will need to identify the charge or charges you are disputing and the reasons why you are disputing them.  Good reasons to dispute a charge include not receiving the goods and services you ordered, whether received untimely or not all or receiving goods and services that you did not order.  Issues with quality may not be a reason to dispute a charge with your American Express, but its still worth a try.


If you have to call American Express you can reach their Dispute Department at (800) 528-4800.  You should only use the telephone to make your dispute if you absolutely must.  Disputing your credit card charges on line is a safer bet because you can take screen shots to prove the date on which you made your dispute(s).

How to Dispute a credit card charge with Bank of America ©

Like most banks, you can log into your Bank of America account here.   You can also call Bank of America at (800) 432-1000 to make  your dispute.  Again, you are better off making your dispute online and saving screenshots of the dispute that document the date that you made it.  You should also have your credit card and the credit card statement in  your hand when you make the dispute to Bank of America.

A word about “chip” transactions & how to dispute them

Most credit cards today contain a chip in the credit card in an effort to reduce the amount of credit card fraud that has plagued the industry.  Citibank© credit cards use chips in their cards to verify that the consumer who owns the card is the actual person using the card….most of the time.  You see, while credit card magnetic stripes can easily be replicated, chips cannot.


While the chip is a good idea, it’s not perfect.  For example, when you order goods online such as an Uber or on Amazon, neither of these merchants are using the chip in your card to process the charge.  They are simply taking your credit card information that is readily available on the front and back.  Moreover, there are times when a merchant’s chip reader is not working right and they simply ask you to swipe the card the card instead of using the chip.  These situations avoid the security that the chip provides.  Hence, even though your card may have a chip in it, it can still be compromised.


DO NOT LET A BANK DECLINE YOUR DISPUTE BECAUSE YOUR CARD HAS A CHIP IN IT.  If you have a dispute to a charge on your credit card statement and the bank declines to process that dispute because your card has a chip, call us.  We will fight for you and it will cost you nothing out of pocket.

What to do if the credit card company refuses to credit your account?

Let us fight for you at no out of pocket charge to you. We are happy to draft the right dispute letter for you, for free. We take the time to understand your complaint and advise you of your rights. Our advice is free and so is the dispute letter.


If we have to sue the merchant or the credit card company, our fees and costs get paid when we collect from these defendants. Our lawsuits cost you nothing out of pocket.

If you have inaccurate or unauthorized charges on your credit card, call us at ID Theft Law Group at (470) 291-4696 or email us at [email protected] for a free, no obligation consultation.



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