Credit reports damaged by Identity Theft?

We are paid our fees and costs from the recovery of monetary compensation in your case. As Identity Theft Lawyers, we know how a credit report and credit score can get damaged by an identity thief.

If we can fix the problems caused by the theft of your identity with just some letters, we are happy to do it for you at no charge. If we have to file a lawsuit on your behalf to make the credit bureaus clean up your credit report due ot identify theft, we still do not charge you any out of pocket costs.  We are paid our fees and costs from the recovery of monetary compensation in your case. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, we make the credit bureaus and lenders pay you damages, plus our costs and attorney’s fees.

Things to know about Identity theft

Masked theif wearing all black steals a victim's identification cards. Social security card, Texas driver's license, credit cards are being held in the criminal's black glove. Window background. Identity theft concept.

  1. Many cases of identity theft involve one family member stealing the identity of another family member.
  2. Fixing your credit due to identity theft all begins with the same document; a police report.
  3. If you do not want to fill out a police report, you may be able to still get your credit report fixed with an Identity Theft Report from the Federal Trade Commission.
  4. Many cases of identity theft are preventable with a bit of care and caution such as:
    1. Don’t read your credit card out in a public place;
    2. Buy a shredder and make sure all documents with any personal information on them get shredded;
    3. Don’t fall for scams! The IRS, FBI and your bank do NOT communicate with you by email.
    4. Anyone asking for your social security number had better be someone that you know to need it.
    5. Don’t give your passwords, credit card information or social security number to anyone that you would expect to already have that information. If someone calls from your bank saying they need any of this information, hang up.

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