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Today, there is no need to wait for answers to your identity theft questions.  Talk to a credit repair lawyer, now!  Our law firm, Credit Repair Lawyers of America, has just released our app called Edit Your Credit.  Its now available in the Google Play Store and in the Apple app store.  Here is what it can do for you:

Text Attorney Gary Nitzkin now… Do you want to talk to an attorney right now to see if you have a credit case, a debt collection harassment case or need help with your student loans? With Edit Your Credit, you can text Attorney Gary Nitzkin right now and get a quick response.  No need for a call back or to wait.

Send an email to our Intake Department.   Already have a case with us? We will give you an update on your matter quickly.

Do I have a Credit Case?

Tell us about your credit issues.  We will contact you quickly to discuss your credit issues, student loan questions or debt collection harassment problems.  We will advise you, for free,  what you can and should do to improve your credit report and credit standing.  The consultation is free.

Send us your credit reports for us to review, for free.  We will review them quickly and advise you as to what actions we can take for you, to improve your credit report and credit standing.  If we find and error or mistake on your credit report, we will ask your permission to dispute that item for you, all at no charge to you.

Call the office.  Don’t have our phone number?  No problem.  Simply click on the Call Office button to reach us.

Do I have a Student Loan Case?

Everyone with a student loan has questions about them these days.  Are you in the right payment plan?  Do you qualify for a lower payment plan?  How do you get out of delinquency?  How do you get out of default?  We can answer all of these questions for you and more, quickly and for free?  Want to talk more about your student loans?  Call us, email us, text us….its all up to you and in your hands with Edit your Credit.

Do I have a Debt Collection Harassment Case?

If you are one of the millions of people harassed by a debt collector, you don’t have to sit in silence or embarrassment.  I promise you that you are not alone.  Simply click on this button and tell us about what is happening to you.  We can advise you, for free and confidentially, how to respond and what your rights are.  We are lawyers and we know how to fight back against abusive debt collectors.  You don’t have to take their abuse.  In your hand is the power of Edit Your Credit.  Use it and turn the tables on the debt collectors.  We make them pay you.

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Would you like to schedule an appointment to talk to us about your matter?  Click on Book an Appointment and get on our calendar.  We can meet you via telephone, Skype or Zoom, whichever makes you feel the most comfortable.

Download Edit Your Credit and Speak to someone NOW

If your identity has been stolen, time is not on your side.  Download the Edit Your Credit app from Apple or Google and talk to an identity theft lawyer today.  You can take us with you, wherever you go.  Make today the day that you get your credit back on track.  Download Edit your Credit today.

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